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My name is Harjit and Excel Master Consultant is run by me. I created this website to help you learn Excel so you become more efficient in it. Here is my story.


My Story

I graduated from the University of Huddersfield back in 2000 with a BA in Business Studies with no real idea of what I wanted to do as a career. My first job after graduation was working in a Marketing company marketing IT software to small, medium and large organisations. I was there for a year and then I moved into banking. After I was made redundant I worked for a medium sized logistics company as a Business Analyst. It was here that I first started to use Microsoft Excel. The problem was I had very basic IT skills. In fact, because I never used Excel in my past employment or in my education, some would say I had a bit of a phobia towards it! I could do basic data entry and a simple SUM formula but that was about it. My job required me to manipulate raw data to create reports, dashboards and KPIs for key customers. Due to my basic level of expertise in Excel this meant that carrying out even the basics took a lot longer than needed.

Something had to Give

I knew this couldn't go on forever and I needed to do something about it. If I wanted to become more efficient in my job then I would need to get over my phobia of Excel and start to learn it from the beginning. I decided to buy some beginner Excel books from Amazon and read them in my spare time in the evenings and weekends and practiced what they were teaching. Once I became more knowledgeable about the basics I decided to buy more intermediate and advanced books. By the way Learn Excel 2016 Essential Skills with the Smart Method is an excellent book to ramp up your Excel knowledge from beginner to advanced level! I started to become more efficient in my Excel work. I learnt how to create pivot tables and how to create advanced formulas such as array formulas. Tasks that used to take me hours to do now took me minutes because I learnt how to automate my spreadsheet more efficiently.

The Next Step

I became very confident in Excel and my phobia was now a distant past. I wanted to learn more and to truly see the power of Excel I decided to learn VBA. I bought Excel VBA Programming for Dummies from Amazon which gave me a very good understanding of what VBA is and I was able to write my very first macro. I took this to the next level by reading Excel Power Programming with VBA. I was able to create more powerful Excel applications and use this in my work. I started to become known for my Excel skills at work and I helped my colleagues with their spreadsheets as well as creating applications to improve different departments processes and efficiencies.

Over the years I have continued to learn Excel and bought more books and attended courses to develop my skills further.

Now I want to Help You

Learning Excel has been a great journey for me. One which I have enjoyed very much and I am still learning something new most days. I now want to help you on that journey which is why I have created the Excel Master Consultant website. The tutorials, help and tips are catered for beginners, intermediate and advanced users of Excel.


I hope you enjoy the information contained in this website and if there is any information, help or advice you need then please do not hesitate to ask through the Contact Forms or the comments sections provided throughout this website.

Thank you for reading and I would love for you to join the Excel Master Consultant community of Excel lovers!