How to Record Macros in Excel

How to Record Macros in Excel is a FREE online VBA course. You will learn how to record your very own Macros to automate your spreadsheets. In addition to this you will learn how to use various methods to execute your recorded Macros.

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Introduction to VBA Macros

In the Introduction to VBA Macros course you will learn everything you need to know about how VBA. This is a beginners course so you don't need any prior knowledge of VBA. In this course you will learn:

  • What is VBA and why people use it

  • How to Record Macros

  • How to eliminate manual repetitive tasks

  • How to automate your spreadsheets

  • How to write your very own VBA code to manipulate worksheets

  • How to make your VBA code more efficient

  • How to execute Macros in different ways

  • How VBA is structured with the Excel Object Model

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The Magic of PivotTables

The Magic of PivotTables is an online course which will teach you how to create one of the most powerful features in Excel - Pivot Tables. For further details please see my review of this course. To buy the course please click on the link below.