The Excel Chart Tool automatically creates Excel charts in seconds! All you need to do is enter the data in the first tab then on the next tab enter the chart name, select the chart type and press the button to create visually appealing charts. The benefits of the Excel Chart Tool are it:


1) Creates visually appealing charts faster than if you create them manually

2) Formats the charts instantly. You don’t have to go to Chart Tools in the ribbon to format them

3) Changes the chart type instantly while keeping the formatting

4) Creates multiple different chart types automatically

5) Deletes charts automatically. You don’t have to select them first

6) Instantly creates charts from the data entered in the tool. No need to select the data first

7) Creates 19 different types of charts either 2D or 3D

8) Automatically adds in the chart title in the chart

Excel Chart Tool

  • The attached WinZip file contains the Excel Chart Tool application. Double click on the WinZip file to locate the Excel file.