This is a great Excel Add-in which contains two advanced VLOOKUP functions. Excel already has a built in VLOOKUP function which is great but it does have its limitations. These include:


1) It only extracts the first value from the lookup table. What about if there are 2, 3 or more values that are in the lookup table relating to the lookup value? Well the Excel VLOOKUP function will ignore these!


2) It can only lookup the value in the left most column in the lookup table. This means that if the lookup value is not in the left most column you have to change the data set so that it is.


This Excel add-in will eliminate these problems with these two advanced VLOOKUP functions:



With the VLOOKUP_NTH_VALUE function you can extract the nth value. This is because it contains an additional argument where you can enter the nth value.



With the VLOOKUP_LEFT function you can now extract from columns to the left of the lookup column. You can do this by specifying a minus sign (-) in the column index number argument.




Advanced VLOOKUP Functions Add-in

  • The attached WinZip file includes the Excel Workbook which contains examples of how the two VLOOKUP formulas work and a description of the arguments. It also includes the Excel Add-in which you need to add to Excel on your computer.


    If you do not know how to add an Add-in to Excel then click here.