The Excel Password Remover is an Excel Add-in that will remove passwords for worksheets and workbooks. The features and benefits are:


  • Removes protection from Excel spreadsheets for most versions of Excel (Excel 5.0 onwards)

  • Cracks all types of Excel passwords in seconds

  • Removes an Excel password from any password protected workbook either on an individual protected worksheet or the protected workbook itself

  • Removes passwords of any length and with special characters

  • The Excel Password Remover is an Excel Add-in so it will be stored on your ribbon for ease of use

  • Easy to install on your ribbon


Buy it now and you will never have to worry about forgetting passwords on workbooks.

Excel Password Remover

  • The attached WinZip file contains the Excel Workbook which contains the VBA code and the Excel Add-in which you need to add to Excel on your computer.


    If you do not know how to add an Add-in to Excel then click here.