Remove Excel Password Protection

Remove Protection from Excel Spreadsheets

Have you ever password protected your Excel workbook and then forgotten what the password is? Have you ever been in a situation at work where you have taken responsibility over somebody else's Excel workbook after they have left the company and found that you can't use it as it is password protected and nobody in the office knows what the password is?

This can lead to a big problem because unless you are very lucky and guess what the password is, you are left with an Excel workbook which is completely useless. You may have to spend hours re-creating the whole Excel workbook again.

Well if you are in this position then you are in luck! I am able to remove protection from Excel spreadsheets very easily and quickly with minimum effort. Just send me your Excel workbook and I will remove it for you so you are able to use it again in no time.

I offer a great service and will remove Excel password protection from your workbooks with an Excel Password Remover I created in Excel and VBA. If for any reason the Excel Password Remover is unable to remove protection from your Excel spreadsheet then you will not be charged so you have nothing to lose!

Excel Password Remover

Remove Excel Password Protection

Excel Password Remover

For Sale!

If you would like to buy the Excel Password Remover that I use to remove protection from Excel spreadsheets then please contact me by pressing the Contact button below.

The key features and benefits of the tool are:

  • Removes protection from Excel spreadsheets for most versions of Excel (Excel 2007 onwards)

  • Cracks all types of Excel passwords in seconds

  • Removes an Excel password from any password protected workbook either on an individual protected worksheet or the protected workbook itself

  • The Excel Password Remover is an Excel Add-in so will be stored on your ribbon for ease of use

  • Easy to install on your ribbon

Press the Contact button below of you would like to learn more about the Excel Password Remover and how it can help you remove protection from your Excel spreadsheets.