Excel Books to Buy Online


Learn everything you need to know about Excel VBA from how to create a basic macro to creating an advanced Excel application which will automate your spreadsheets. Please see my review to learn more about this book.


If you have read Excel 2016 Essential Skills then this is the next step to becoming an advanced Excel user. Learn new features of Excel 2016 such as 3D maps, the Get & Transform tool and the Apend & Merge queries to de-normalise data.


If you want to know all the essential functions and tools in Excel then this book is for you! This book includes a sample Excel file so you can follow along and do the practical examples. To learn more about this book then please see my review here


Excel 2016 Formulas will give you everything you need to know on how to create powerful and efficient formulas. You will learn how to create array formulas, financial formulas and how to create custom worksheet functions through VBA.


If you want to start learning VBA then Excel VBA Programming Dummies is a great start to your VBA journey. It will talk you through what VBA is through to how to control the flow of your macros. See my review for more information.


If you want to venture into Power BI then this isIf you have created pivot tables in Excel before then you know how powerful they can be. Power Pivots take this to the next level in analyzing data through Power BI. Reading this book will enable you to produce difficult results in minutes.


This book is designed for people who would like to unleash the true power of Excel. You will learn to create powerful formulas which you thought were impossible to create. There are lot's of tips to solve incredibly difficult problems.


Learn to create Excel dashboards and reports to better visualise your raw data. You will learn all the tools you need to create compelling and visually appealing reports from raw data that will wow your colleagues and boss.