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Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mastering Excel Array Formulas: Excel Book Review

Product: Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mastering Excel Array Formulas

Price: £30.93 Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.co.uk

Authors: Mike Girvin

Publisher: Holy Macro! Books

My Rating: 9 out of 10

If you want to learn how to create array formulas then Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mastering Excel Array Formulas by Mike Girvin is a good book to buy. I bought this book a few years ago as I wanted to learn how to create array formulas and I found this an excellent book to learn from. It will teach you how to create formulas that you normally cannot do in a standard Excel formula. If you want to write one formula instead of many Excel formulas to return an answer to save spreadsheet space then this book will appeal to you.

But First What is an Array Formula?

For those of you who don’t know, an array formula is a formula that can perform multiple calculations on one or more of the items in an array and can return multiple or single results. One important thing to remember is that you must press Ctrl+Shift+Enter on your keyboard after you have entered the formula otherwise the formula will not return the correct result.

Array formulas are great to use if standard Excel formulas will not solve your problem. For example if you want to create a unique list of values then an array formula will be able to do that with just one formula. They can be used to solve almost any Excel problem.

What is in the Book?

Below is a list of what is covered in Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mastering Excel Array Formulas:

- Introduction:

- Chapter 1: Formula Basics

- Chapter 2: Introduction to Array Formulas

- Chapter 3: Math Array Operations

- Chapter 4: Comparative Array Operations and Aggregate Calculations with One or More Conditions

- Chapter 5: Join Array Operations

- Chapter 6: Function Argument Array Operations

- Chapter 7: Array Constants

- Chapter 8: Array Formulas That Deliver More Than One Value

- Chapter 9: A First Look at Array Functions: TRANSPOSE, MODE.MULT, and TREND

- Chapter 10: The Amazing SUMPRODUCT Function (and SUMIFS, Too)

- Chapter 11: Boolean Logic: AND Criteria and OR Criteria

- Chapter 12: When Is an Array Formula Really Needed?

- Chapter 13: Dynamic Ranges with the INDEX and OFFSET Functions

- Chapter 14: Array Formula Efficiency Rules

- Chapter 15: Extracting Data, Based on Criteria

- Chapter 16: The FREQUENCY Array Function

- Chapter 17: Unique Counting Formulas and the Power of the FREQUENCY Function

- Chapter 18: The MMULT Array Function

- Chapter 19: Extracting Unique Lists and Sorting Formulas

- Chapter 20: Conditional Formatting with Array Formulas

- Chapter 21: Data Tables

- Chapter 22: The LINEST Array Function

- Chapter 23: Can You Figure Out How the Huge Array Formula Works?

- Conclusion

About the Author

Mike Girvin teaches Finance, Accounting and Statistics using Excel at Highline Community College. You can watch him in over 1,800 Excel tutorial videos on YouTube and has been teaching people how to use Excel for the past 10 years. He has also written another Excel book called Slaying Excel Dragons and has released the Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mastering Excel Array Formulas in DVD. Mike currently lives in Seattle, Washington.

Who Should Buy this Book

You should buy this book if:

- You love Excel and want to know the power of what it can truly do. You want to create the impossible with Excel formulas

- You already know how to create Excel formulas but you want to take your skills to the next level by creating more advanced formulas

- You have seen formulas with curly brackets around them and you do not know what they mean. You tried to edit the formula and these curly brackets have disappeared and you don’t know how to get them back

- You tried to solve an Excel problem with a standard formula but this does not solve your problem. You need an array formula to solve this but you have no idea of how to create one

- You already know how to create array formulas but you know that they have drawbacks like slow calculation speeds. You want to learn how to create more efficient array formulas

The Positives of this Book

Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mastering Excel Array Formulas is a great book if you want to learn how to create array formulas. It covers a wide variety of topics and gives you examples you may encounter in real life business scenarios. It will also introduce you to Excel functions which you may not have used before or used very little such as the FREQUENCY, SUMPRODUCT and MMULT functions.

I like the fact that you have Excel files which contain all the array formulas from each chapter so you can really see how they are working. This is very useful because some of the array formulas are very complex so it is useful to analyse each part of the formula on a spreadsheet. Mike has also written notes on the spreadsheet to help you as well.

Even though the book covers a complex and advanced subject I believe Mike has written this in a clear and easy to understand manner. He tackles the subject in a no nonsense manner.

Mike has many YouTube videos called Excelisfun which covers array formulas but this book will appeal to you if you want to study array formulas in more depth and really want to learn how the formulas work.

I like the chapter about when an array formula is really needed. It is very easy to create an array formula for every single Excel problem once you know how to create them but they are not the most efficient formulas to use due to the slow calculation speeds. This chapter will make you think about when to really use them. Whenever I have to solve a problem I always ask myself if a standard Excel function can do the job first before I use an array formula.

Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mastering Excel Array Formulas is the most in depth book covering the subject of array formulas. Before I read this book I had heard of array formulas but did not have a clue how to create them. After I finished reading the book I knew not only how to create array formulas but understood how they worked, which are the most efficient formulas to use for particular scenarios and when best to use them. I am now able to create powerful formulas for certain Excel problems which I was not able to do with a standard Excel formula.

The Negatives of this Book

Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mastering Excel Array Formulas is not a book for beginners. It is aimed for the advanced and expert users and for those who want to move their Excel skills to the next level. If you are a beginner or intermediate user then I would recommend you first learn the most common Excel functions first before you take the next step. Please visit my online store for other Excel books catered for the beginner to intermediate user.


Ctrl+Shift+Enter Mastering Excel Array Formulas is the best book around if you want to learn array formulas and how they work. The formulas covered are truly magical and will amaze you. If you want to buy the book then please click on the link below.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions or if you have read the book please let me know what you thought of it in the comments section below.

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