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Find First Non Blank Cell in a Row

This tutorial will show you a powerful array formula to find the first non blank cell in a row in Excel.

In this example I have data in the cell range C2:K12. The formulas in column A finds the first non blank cell in each row.

The formula in cell A2 is:


Normally with array formulas you have to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter on your keyboard. The great thing about this array formula is that you don't need to do this.

How this Formula Works

The formula contains the INDEX, MATCH and ISBLANK functions. The INDEX function returns a value in an array when you specify the row or column number.

The MATCH function returns a row or column number of the value you are looking up in an array.

The ISBLANK function simply returns the Boolean values TRUE if the cell is empty and FALSE if it's not empty.

I will use the formula in cell A2 to explain how this works working from the inside out.


This part of the formula looks at all the cells which are empty and not empty in the cell range C2:K2. It assigns a 1 if there is a value in a cell and 0 if there isn’t. The result returns the array {0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0}.


This section of the formula is saying that we want to lookup value 1 in the array {0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,0}. The 1 in the array is in position 4 so the MATCH function will return 4.


The INDEX function looks in the cell range C2:K2 and in the column argument of the INDEX function looks at the fourth column and returns the answer 8.

Final Word

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to find the first non blank cell in a row. If you have any questions or feedback on this tutorial then please leave a comment.

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