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Excel Gurus Gone Wild: Do the IMPOSSIBLE with Microsoft Excel: Book Review

Product: Excel Gurus Gone Wild: Do the IMPOSSIBLE with Microsoft Excel

Author: Bill Jelen

Price: £16.46

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Publisher: Holy Macro! Books

My Rating: 8 out of 10

This is a review of a book I own called Excel Gurus Gone Wild: Do the IMPOSSIBLE with Microsoft Excel by Bill Jelen, also know as Mr Excel. The book is drawn from actual Excel conundrums posted on the authors website www.mrexcel.com. The book contains 100 incredibly difficult problems and how to solve them. The formulas in this book will perform tasks that you thought were only possible in VBA.

Who this Book is Aimed For

Excel Gurus Gone Wild: Do the IMPOSSIBLE with Microsoft Excel is aimed for the people who are hard core Excel users. It covers advanced functions which a beginner may not understand. It is aimed at people who would like to do the impossible in Excel and want to stretch Excel to its limits. It is aimed for people who would like answers to some incredibly difficult problems they cannot solve themselves. I would not recommend Excel Gurus Gone Wild: Do the IMPOSSIBLE with Microsoft Excel to people who are just starting out in Excel and want to learn the basics. There are plenty of other Excel books catered for beginners that will be better suited. I would recommend Learn Excel 2016 Essential Skills with The Smart Method by Mike Smart if you are a beginner.

Who is Bill Jelen?

Bill Jelen runs the website mrexcel.com. He has over 29 years experience of using spreadsheets and is an Excel expert. He has written over 40 books about Excel. His first book he wrote was Guerilla Data Analysis in 2002. His other books include Pivot Table Data Crunching, Don’t Fear the Spreadsheet and Power Pivot Alchemy. He has been giving seminars on Excel since 2002. He is also a video podcaster who is regularly listed in the iTunes top 50.

What this Book Covers

This book is packed full of incredible Excel solutions to problems you may encounter which you didn’t think was possible to solve. Topics include:

- Find the first non-blank value in a row

- Sum every other row or every third row

- Point to another worksheet with the INDIRECT function

- Sort with formulas

- Use GET.CELL to highlight non-formula cells

- Use VLOOKUP to get the nth match

- Use the INDIRECT function to get data from a multi-cell range

- Use two-way interpolation with a single formula

- Find the sum of all digits occurring in a string

- Auto number records and columns in an Excel database

- Use autofilter with a pivot table

- Quickly create a hyperlink menu

- Add formulas to smart art

- Determine the height and width of a data label object

For those of you who want to learn more about macros there’s also a section on this which includes:

- Make a personal macro workbook

- Run a macro from a shortcut key

- Run a macro from an icon

- Create a regular macro

- Create an event handler macro

- Extract an email address from a cell containing other text

- Use evaluate in VBA instead of looking through cells

Why I Recommend this Book

I definitely recommend this book for people who want to test Excel to its limits and to see what the capabilities of Excel really are. The Excel Gurus Gone Wild: Do the IMPOSSIBLE with Microsoft Excel is very well written and even though some of the formulas are very complex he has explained how they work by breaking them down in an easy to understand way.

I found the topics covered in the chapters really interesting. I have worked with Excel for a number of years and thought I knew pretty much most things about Excel. When I read this book however it really blew my mind as I discovered I only scratched the surface of what I actually know about Excel.

Even though there are some topics in the book you would not normally encounter in your day to day job you will pick up techniques and tips to help you become more efficient in your daily work.

If you want to learn more about Excel and the true power of what it can do then I highly recommend Excel Gurus Gone Wild: Do the IMPOSSIBLE with Microsoft Excel. I promise you will be surprised what you can perform on an Excel spreadsheet!

Please leave me a comment or feedback on this review below. I would also like to hear your thoughts of this book if you have read it.

I have created a workbook which contains 10 of the most powerful Excel formulas. This workbook also contains explanations of they are calculated. Some of the examples are taken from Excel Gurus Gone Wild: Do the IMPOSSIBLE with Microsoft Excel. If you would like to receive this FREE workbook then click on the link below and fill in the form.

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